When it comes to succeeding as a real estate agent, you need to be able to successfully generate leads. Being able to generate leads is what is going to help you find buyers for the properties you want to sell and find people who want to sell your home.

Use Facebook Messenger Ads

One way to generate leads is by using Facebook Messenger advertising, where you can target potential customers with interactive live conversation via Facebook Messenger. This is an easy way to establish a connection with potential clients while getting all of their contact information. Being able to make a personal connection right from the start is great for the lead building process.

Use Automated Text Marketing

When it comes to getting people to open the marketing information you are sending them, some of the best types of marketing material you can send are text messages. People open text messages at a much higher rate than emails or physical mail. You can use advanced text messaging systems to create and send out automated systems messages to all your text messaging contacts.

Automated Calls

You can use automated calls to reach people in your target area. For example, you can purchase a list of cell phone numbers for homeowner's in a specific area. Then, you can cross check the list with the national Do Not Call registry and remove any numbers on the registry. After that, you can use a system that will send voicemails to all those homeowners about your next open house. This is a great way to connect with potential customers and generate leads from homeowner's who are interested in selling or buying a home.

Do Some Cold Calling

Cold calling may not feel like the most modern way to make leads, but it can still be fruitful. Putting time in to make phone calls, and establishing leads via cold calling, can really help you build your sales skills. Although it is called cold calling, you should have some scripts that you use to help you establish rapport and connect with potential customers. Spend an hour a day cold calling to build up leads.

Purchase Leads from Marketing Agencies

There are a variety of marketing and real estate agencies and businesses that create their own lead lists and will sell you those lists for a set price. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a list of leads; just be aware that all the leads that you purchase may not turn out to be viable leads for you. It helps to have a realistic idea of how many of the leads will turn out to be personal leads for you.

There are so many ways to create leads as a real estate agent. Use technology and get creative in generating leads for your real estate business.

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