Whew! As a CPA, you probably just made it through the busiest season of the year! While you will still have a few stragglers filing taxes late, the self-employed filing quarterly, and the big corporations filing taxes quarterly or semi-annually, the rest of the consumers are done. As things begin to slow down for a few months, you might begin to think about how to retain the consumer base you have, as well as how to motivate more people to utilize the accounting services you provide. The following strategies and approaches are the most effective for your marketing needs as a CPA.

Email Newsletter

There are more than enough CPA email newsletter providers who can work to put together a monthly newsletter for your firm. It is just a fun little way to keep consumers in the loop, keep them up to date on changes in tax laws that might affect them in the coming months or next year, and to offer some insight or a bit of advice. You could even include a discount code for if the consumer refers a new client to your firm and the new client utilizes your accounting services. If you would like to assemble the newsletters yourself or delegate the task to someone in your office that has excellent writing skills, there are newsletter writing platforms for the DIYer. For more information, contact a CPA email newsletter provider.

Card Mailer

Mail out preprinted thank you cards on 3x5 cardstock to everyone that used your services this year. It is important to thank your consumers for their patronage because they are your bread and butter. You can even leave space for a more personal note on the bottom of each card if you want to make every thank you as individual as the needs of your consumers. 


Using a mail delivery system and software program, you can remove all of the names and addresses of your current consumers and then mail out flyers to every address that remains. This blanketing approach with flyers helps introduce community members to what you have to offer as a CPA. You could just send flyers to every address in a twenty-mile radius, but it is not really cost-efficient, nor is it cost-efficient to mail flyers to consumers who are already your clients. Keep it neat, reduce the print costs, and then get a reduced and focused list of potential clients to whom you can send your flyers for maximum efficacy.