Is your business still using direct buying for its digital marketing strategy? Digital advertising continues to shift from individual ad purchases made with individual websites or ad networks to automating the process with programmatic ad buying. Programmatic ad buying offers a number of benefits over the old method of making individual ad purchases.

The chief problem with direct buying digital advertising is simply that the internet is very large and your customers are browsing a vast number of disparate websites. You'll spend an inordinate amount of time making individual ad purchases and managing separate ad campaigns. Programmatic ad buying prevents this issue by automating the entire ad purchasing process across a very broad range of websites, making it much easier to manage your business digital ad campaign. If you're interested in what benefits programmatic ad buying can provide to your company, read on to discover the three largest ones.

1. Programmatic Ad Buying Has a Greater Reach Than Direct Buying

One of the greatest challenges in digital marketing is ensuring that you're able to reach a broad amount of publishers. The customers you're looking for are browsing large social media and online video sites, but they also may be browsing small personal blogs.  If you're relying on purchasing direct ad buys on individual websites, you are likely to miss many sites that your customers are browsing.

Programmatic ad buying uses large ad networks to ensure that your ads are being seen even on very small websites. The broad reach of programmatic ad buying services places your ads in front of more customers. You won't have to worry about losing out on potential ad views because you didn't have a direct ad buying contract negotiated with the sites your potential customers are browsing.

2. Programmatic Ad Buying Targets Customers Instead of Singular Websites

Programmatic ad buying focuses on the target viewing the ad, not the website it's placed on. One of the most important considerations in a digital ad campaign is to make sure high-value customers are the ones you're delivering your ads to. The customers who click on your ad and purchase your product or service are the ones you need to target. Limiting which customers you're displaying your ads to will reduce the expense of your ad campaign by only delivering ads to customers likely to convert.

Limiting which customers are seeing your ads is accomplished by the extensive demographic data that digital media buying agencies maintain on internet users. The browsing habits of customers are tracked by cookies as they use the internet, allowing marketing agencies to get a better feel for their interests and purchasing habits.

When an internet user visits a website, his or her demographic data and browsing history are automatically and rapidly checked against the rules you've set for your ad campaign. If the customer appears to be a high-value one who is likely to make a purchase based on the demographic data, then a digital ad will be served to him or her. This approach minimizes wasted ad impressions and ensures you're only targeting the demographic that you wish to target.

3. Programmatic Ad Buying Can Be Constantly Retooled Throughout the Campaign to Increase Effectiveness

Data is collected during the programmatic ad buying campaign in order to monitor the campaign's effectiveness. This includes the number of people who have seen your ad, the number of people who have purchased a product after seeing your ad and the demographic data of customers who have purchased a product. This allows you to switch your targeting during the middle of an ad campaign if you incorrectly estimated which customers you needed to target during the campaign. By constantly refocusing your digital ad campaign to target high-value customers based on demographic and purchase data, you're further able to save money on your ad campaign by eliminating wasted ad impressions made to uninterested customers.

If you've still been using direct ad buying for your digital marketing campaigns, it's a good idea to make the switch to programmatic buying in order to increase your conversion rates. In order to do so, you'll need to recruit the services of a digital media buying agency. They have access to the software necessary to automate ad purchases in a programmatic ad buying campaign and access to broad ad networks that improve your reach. If you'd like to improve your digital advertising, contact a media buying agency that provides programmatic ad buying services to customers and communicate your demographic targeting needs along with your expected ad campaign budget.

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