With the cannabis industry flourishing, each store needs a special touch to give them a competitive edge. Both your cannabis website design and marketing strategy will be the ticket to gaining new and returning customers.

Think E-Commerce

Although you may not sell cannabis directly through your website, your design and content should be approached from an e-commerce angle, since sales are your ultimate goal. This makes it easier for potential and returning customers to gain an idea of your pricing and selection before they ever arrive in your store. Additionally, when potential customers can be fully informed about your inventory without entering the storefront, it makes your store more appealing than other stores that may only provide rudimentary information about their products. Be thorough about the cannabis you have in your inventory by giving detailed product descriptions and keep your inventory updated frequently.

Be Informative

Regardless of the intended audience, such as those with recreational or medicinal needs, people will want to know more about the different strains available. For those seeking medicinal benefits, they will want more information on how each strain can be helpful. Your website should be intuitive as much as it is informative. You might choose to organize information based on different properties of each strain, such as THC or CBD amount, whether it is useful to reduce pain or promote sleep.

Other information that can be essential to potential customers includes how the cannabis is consumed and the products you carry to aid in administration. You might recommend edible products for certain benefits, such as their delayed release and relatively stable blood levels of CBD, or vaping devices for faster administration. Since vaping devices are complex, it will be important to inform visitors to your website about the components of the device and which ones are most beneficial for specific needs and products.

Customize Your Marketing

Marketing cannabis can be challenging, so you are going to want to use retargeting, both for online and direct mail campaigns. It makes more sense to invest your marketing efforts and dollars into attracting people who are local and show obvious interest in cannabis by searching for targeted keywords or those who have visited your website. You can use retargeting to send emails to interested visitors or direct mail pieces, which can be used to encourage people to visit your storefront. Adding a small incentive into your direct mail pieces, such as a percentage off their purchase, can boost the number of people who are receptive of your mailings.

Your website and marketing strategy will be instrumental in boosting the number of customers you attract in the cannabis industry.