Social Media Will Continue To Rise In 2019

Social media will continue to be an invaluable tool for companies hoping to increase their sales, both online and through their brick and mortar stores. Social media platforms that are primarily image driven should be mandatory for every business that wants to connect their brand and show off their products to potential clients and customers. Strong images, that convey a story through the use of photography, can be a game changing tool for companies that want to drive traffic to their website. Photographs can be one of the strongest tools in attracting new clients. Trends come and go in the world of social media, including trends in photography. Keep reading to find out how to stay abreast of all the photography trends for 2019.

Photography Trends For 2019

Natural and wood backgrounds 

The last five years have seen hi-key white backgrounds that make most products look over edited. In 2019 expect to see softer backgrounds like linen, sand, wood, and seashells; these backgrounds evoke nature and make products seem more down to earth and authentic. In general photographs will seem more natural and less produced.

No obvious filters

While filters can bring a cohesive feel to a photo feed on social media by tying different subject matters together through the use of a color cast, the trend of obvious filters is fading out as fast as 2018. In 2019, filters will still be used but in much more subtle color manipulations. New filters purchased through add-ons to current social media platforms will be able to bring better tonality to photographs without blowing out the highlights in the photo or making products look different than what the customer can expect. 

Two or three dominant colors

Photo streams will be able to maintain a consistent look though the use of two or three dominant colors. When a potential customer looks at the entire newsfeed, they will be able to get a feeling for the overall color scheme and feeling of the brand.

Less use of words and inspirational sayings

Photography streams on social media  in the last few years have been infiltrated by the use of words and inspirational sayings in cute fonts. In 2019, there will be stronger image use with inspirational quotes in the description of the picture and buzz words turned into hashtags at the bottom of the post.

A return to authenticity 

At the end of the day, potential consumers want to be inspired by photos on social media, but they also want to feel that the company is honest and authentic. Contact a social media consulting firm for more help.