Whether you are organizing a fundraiser to draw attention to your business and the good it does in the community or you are hosting a basic sales presentation, these events can be massive in size and extremely difficult to manage. It is because of this that many business owners entrust these kinds of marketing events to corporate planners and hired service providers. However, there is another way that you can handle large-scale marketing events on your own and that is with event management software. Take a look at some of the advantages of using event management software when you are planning a marketing event:

Easy to access invitation management. 

With event management software, you get access to an easy-to-navigate platform that allows you to send invitations and keep track of RSVPs without risk of them getting lost in the mail or overwhelming your email inbox. Most of these types of software have an integrated platform that allows you to send the invitations out to your intended guests right from the interface. Likewise, if your invitations require a RSVP, these can come directly through the platform and be routed to whatever email address you prefer. 

Integrated social media marketing tools. 

Get the word out about your planned event to the right sect or group of people who have been invited with social media sharing and you will always have a good turnout. The best part is, many of the event management software products that are available make it simple to share on social media sites or create event page right in the user interface. Plus, some of the higher end software will continually post rescheduled updates for you if you choose. Therefore, once the event is posted or created, it will be continually brought up and shared so people maintain interest in the event. 

Easier event handling when the date arrives. 

Do you dread the idea of having to filter all of the visitors at your planned marketing event? This is often the most troublesome part of the process because you can be left checking invitation lists and vetting visitors to make sure they're actually invited. With an event management software, you can actually have invites printed with a scannable barcode so when guests arrive, they can have their invitation scanned at the door for access. This takes a lot of time out of the equation so everything can go much more smoothly. 

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