You want your dental clinic to resonate with potential clients as a fun and engaging place to visit, especially when you cater to whole families. This means you need to be a bit creative with your marketing so you come across as an energetic facility for customers to go for their oral health. Here are unique ways you can advertise your dental clinic so you can reach your community in positive ways.

Aerial advertising

Aerial advertising is an adventurous way to market your business, and reaches the community in a memorable way. Aerial advertising has been boosting companies like Fuji Film, Goodyear, and other famous companies since 1941, and major companies continue to use this type of marketing for one great reason: it works. Imagine seeing a blimp carrying your dental clinic's name or a small aircraft dancing across the sky with your advertising banner in tow and the whole community coming out of their homes and businesses to catch a glimpse of the strange wonder in the sky. This is a truly unique way for you to market your dental clinic as a fun and engaging practice for people to visit. Talk to a company like High Exposure Inc Aerial Advertising for more information.


A fun, quirky mascot dancing outside your dental clinic can bring a smile to anyone's face and tell your community that your establishment is the place to take their children, or visit for themselves. If anything else, a dancing giant tooth or tube of toothpaste is sure to garner a few chuckles and finger-pointing your way. This kind of advertising makes your dental clinic stand out from all the rest and makes it easily recognizable as the 'one with the giant tooth'.

Sponsor a local kids' sports team 

Few things say that you are all about community uplifting than being part of something positive in your area. If you sponsor a kids' team, such as soccer, t-ball, or even a volleyball team, your dental clinic's name is seen by parents and family members of the children who wear them everywhere they play. This sends a message to your community that you care not only about oral health, but about things that better the community overall, which can lead to better business.

There are many ways you can advertise your dental clinic so it stands out among your competition. From classic aerial advertising to having a mascot dancing out in front of your building, you can help your dental clinic become more popular in your community by using smart and effective marketing techniques that work.