Quality marketing is never free, but in the age of the internet, you can get amazing exposure if your team produces a video ad that goes viral. Although there are no guarantees that your ad will reach that level of exposure, you can make certain that your video contains certain elements that make it more likely to go worldwide.

Emotional Connections

The truly successful videos always evoke some sort of emotion, usually a positive one. For instance, you personally may be a fan of puppy and kitten videos. Almost every day, your social media feed contains one of these productions that has hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers. They attract so many views because they make you feel warm, happy, and loving. These videos are often put out by animal rescue organizations to raise money for their endeavors. However, other companies use animals to evoke emotion in their campaigns. Even beer companies use puppies and horses to sell their product. If you want to make a video that goes viral, you need to touch people, although you do not have to rely on animals. Anything that works the heartstrings will do. 


A brief ad will more likely go viral than something longer. In fact, you should aim for the traditional ad length of thirty to sixty seconds. Unfortunately, people have rather short attention spans, so they may switch off anything longer. You will need to engage your viewer immediately and get to the point quickly. 


Even if you have a fabulous video, it will do you no good if people cannot find it. If you are only posting it on your own blog, you are limiting it to a probably fairly small audience. You can and should use social media as long as it is a reputable site. If you can include keywords and tagging in your video, do so. Taking these steps will move your content up higher on the search engine results. If you search for your content and it doesn't show up fairly close to the top, you need to rework your video and ad copy to make it more search friendly.

Working with an excellent video production services company is vital to producing an ad that goes viral. Your input is an essential part of the process. Hone your message so that it evokes emotion in a short but engaging piece. Then put your message out there. Your video could be the next viral sensation.