With spring in full swing, the warmer weather is likely to increase the number of customers that come in to your restaurant. This means that your revenue is going to spike. For that reason, you need to make sure that you have something new and exciting to offer your existing and potential customers. You are probably going to want to add a couple of new items on your menu and probably run a couple of Mother's Day promotions. However, you may want to think outside the box a bit and think about other promotional ideas that can draw customers in. You can talk to professionals, like Voted Best of America, to see what makes the best local restaurants in your area. You can also follow these four tips.

Offer Seasonal Beers and Pair Them With Your New Menu Items.

While you changed up your menu a bit, did you think about altering your beer menu, too? More often than not, your local breweries have some lighter beers on-hand for the springtime, so you may want to see what is special for the season. You can then run a promotional campaign that pairs these new beers with certain dinners to showcase all of your new menu items.

Take Advantage Financially of National Nutrition Month.

Did you know that March is considered National Nutrition Month? Well, most other people don't either. So, why not tell them? Throughout the month of May, offer a special menu of heart-healthy food options at a discounted price. You can even see if a local gym wants to partner with you so that you can get a percentage of the membership fees for any customers that you refer to them.

Let the Light in and Add Plenty of Color.

It's not all about the money that you bring in. Don't forget that you need to create the perfect atmosphere that makes people relax and want to come back to your dining establishment. So, for spring, you will want to ensure that you allow plenty of natural light to enter into your restaurant by keeping the curtains drawn and the blinds opens. You also want to have colorful flower centerpieces at each of the tables.

Bring on the Entertainment and Special Patio-Only Events.

If your restaurant has a patio, then you can't overlook it, as it is one of the most important aspects of your establishment in the spring and summer. You will want to open it up when the weather permits so that guests can enjoy the fresh air. Make sure you bring in entertainment on certain days, such as Friday afternoons/evenings. Another great idea is on Saturday afternoons to allow diners to bring their pets to dine with them on the patio.