Especially if you own a small business or are in a sales-related industry, marketing is everything. The way that you market your business, service, or product can make the difference between thriving or merely surviving in a cut-throat, competitive world. If you aren't actively marketing your business, amp up your efforts with some direct marketing tools that a small business really shouldn't be without.

Three tools of the trade to consider for marketing your business are:

Voice broadcasting.

Voice broadcasting can take a lot of pressure and labor off of the shoulders of your team. This is an approach that utilizes scheduled messages via telephone, which you may choose to follow up with emails or social media campaigns. Voice broadcasting has many benefits, particularly for smaller businesses, including these perks:

  • A prerecorded message that is delivered to a list of customers without you having to touch a phone.
  • Versatility in changing the message to reflect current promotions, sales, or time-sensitive information.
  • Will repeat-call those numbers that are busy or don't answer at a designated callback time.
  • Can allow for interaction with clients, such as product feedback, by using the keypad of the phone.

Marketing databases.

Database marketing has been around for a long time, and basically consists of retrieving lists of names, contact information, and buying history for potential clients, making the process of reaching a prospective customer convenient and swift. This allows, also, for you to maintain a history of your clients, their demographic information, and purchase information for future promotions and sales. Typically, you can buy these databases from companies that have obtained this information through credit applications, survey forms, contest entries, and other correspondence with a range of businesses.

Qualified leads.

Qualified leads are essentially current information on potential customers that have recently bought, browsed, or inquired about a product similar to what you are offering. For instance, if a shopper recently compared insurance rates online and completed forms with their relevant information, this information could be passed on to an insurance agent or carrier in the form of a lead to facilitate quick response and a cold-call to this potential buyer. Qualified leads allow you to act quickly, and reach out to possible buyers before the competition does.

These three direct marketing strategies will streamline your potential consumer audience, and help you and staff target the most likely buyers of what you are selling. These tools also provide you with some relief in terms of time, labor, and staffing to reach your desired target demographic. Try these three direct marketing tools to reach potential clients, keep track of prospective customers, and seek out qualified leads. Click here for more details about small business consulting firms